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Independent Studies Select from one of our many independent studies programs. 

Instructor Led Courses All Instructor Let Courses are 8 hour semesters. 
UNITY 3D The UNITY 3D game programming framework is the most advanced and widely used game coding framework in the industry.  Learn c# .Net programming skills, and programming for UNITY to create amazing interactive 2D and 3D games.  Also offered as an independent studies program.

UNITY Programming $100.00:
Programming 101 8 hours  A progressive series of classes that build on the KIDZCODE introductory course and include AP computer science concepts.  Learn c# .Net programming with the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment,  Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 

Prog. 101 $100.00:
Private Tutor Math or Computer Science. $70.00hr. / $500.00 for 8 hrs. 

Private Tutor $70.00:

Free Online Confernce Careers in Computer Science and Engineering. 
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